ITU Support for the Education of Children with Superior Intelligence
Jan 25, 2016

Introduction meeting of the project named “Future of Superior Intelligence for Our Future” conducted with the partnerships of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Yıldız Technical University (YTU), İstanbul Directorate of National Education and All Superior Intelligent Association (TUZDER) and supported by Istanbul Development Agency was held at ITU.

In the meeting held in the ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Tunahan Coşkun, TUZDER Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Toros, ITU UUBF Meteorological Engineering Co-Head of Department, and Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Doğan, YTU Lecturer, shared the details of the project with the members of the press.

Special Education Opportunity to 200 genius children

Within the scope of the project implemented by TÜZDER which will provide special training opportunities to 200 genius children of Istanbul, the children between the ages of 4-14 who are extremely intelligent and have extraordinary abilities in the European Side of Istanbul will be determined.

The best 200 children with high IQ and extraordinary intelligence will be selected by applying cost-free group tests and individual intelligence tests to the participant students. Identification process will start on February 1st and continue for 4 weeks. Tests will be conducted at determined centers by experts and child psychologists.

The selected children with superior intelligence and extraordinary characteristics will entitle to free training for 4 months at Turkey’s first licensed developmental workshop which will improve their thinking dimensions and social relations.

In the workshop the students will gain the skill to think out of the box and strengthen social relationships. They will also deliver trainings on 3D science, visual art, thinking out of the box, robotics, biotechnology, astronautics and astronomy, imagination workshop, mind games workshop. At the end of the program, “Workshop Participation Certificate” will be presented by setting activity files for each student.

Within the scope of the project, informative seminars will be organized for families and teachers. Also university students will mentor the children. As a part of the project which will be free of charge, parents will be able to receive developmental reports about their children from developmental psychologists and supervisor teachers of TÜZDER.