“Brave New World” talked in EMÖS
Feb 09, 2016

ITU Industrial Engineering Club brought leading names from the business World together students all over Turkey with the motto “Brave New World”.

The organization began with the final presentations of –“Bir Projem Var” Diyorsan- and continues with the BaşArı Awards Ceremony in Haliç Convention Center. “The Most Successful” names for 22 different categories determined by public with more than 45.000 votes per each came together. Celebrities from movies, television and music sector such as Tolga Sarıtaş, Hande Erçel, Ezgi Mola, Murat Dalkılıç, Sıla, Manga, 3 Adam, Haldun Dormen, Zerrin Tekindor, as well as business World participated the evening. The audience had a delightful evening in the organization which was hosted by “Geveze”, one of the oldest radio broadcaster in Turkey.

itu emos acilis

During the sections between February 3-5, sessions on various subjects like what people will encounter in the “New Brave World”, business investments in future World, opportunities, sectors, training types were held. In addition to the concepts of Disruptive Innovation, Mobile Payments, Personalization, Industrial Internet, entrepreneurships trend and startups which are rapidly improving in Turkey were also evaluated by the experts during the symposium. Participants from different sectors were hosted in the sessions of doyen representatives of sectors like Okan Tütüncü, General Manager of Secretcv.com, ; Hakan Hamdi Bulgurlu, Arçelik CEO; Mehmet Altınok, CEO of Unilever Turkey, Central Asia and Iran. The event was also broadcasted live and watched via the Internet.

itu emos odul toreni

110 candidates competed in 22 different categories in BaşArı Awards Survey which was open for everyone for voting. The winners determined by more than 50.000 votes per category are as follows:

The Most Successful Businessman : Ali Koç
The Most Successful Businesswoman: Güler Sabancı
The Most Successful Business Magazine: Capital
The Most Successful Book: Elveda Güzel Vatanım – Ahmet Ümit
The Most Successful Motion Picture: Düğün Dernek 2
The Most Successful Television Show: Kiralık Aşk
The Most Successful Song: Kırk Yılda Bir Gibisin – Murat Dalkılıç
The Most Successful Woman Singer: Sıla
The Most Successful Male Singer: Murat Dalkılıç
The Most Successful Music Group: Manga
The Most Successful Radio Program: Matrax – Zeki Kayahan Coşkun
The Most Successful TV Program: 3 Adam
The Most Successful TV Host: Öykü Serter
The Most Successful Sportswoman: Eda Erdem Dündar
The Most Successful Sportsman: Cedi Osman
The Most Successful Emerging Singer: Güliz Ayla
The Most Successful Caricaturist: Yiğit Özgür
The Most Successful Blogger: Buse Terim
The Most Successful Motion Picture Actress: Ezgi Mola (Kocan Kadar Konuş)
The Most Succesful Motion Picture Actor: Burak Özçivit (Aşk Sana Benzer)
The Most Successful TV Series Actress: Hande Erçel (Güneşin Kızları)
The Most Successful TV Series Actor : Tolga Sarıtaş (Güneşin Kızları)
Lifetime BaşArı Award: Haldun Dormen
Lifetime BaşArı Award: Zerrin Tekindor
Special Award: Bülent Emin Yarar