English in Higher Education will be Discussed at ITU
Feb 09, 2016

The two day event “English and Beyond in Higher Education”organized by the British Council and Istanbul Technical University will will take place between the dates of February 15-16, 2016 at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, Istanbul Technical University, in Istanbul. The future of higher education is a commonly discussed issue with higher education leaders developing new strategies to leverage across the challenges will be discussed during the conference.
Rectors and vice-rectors of different universities, directors of Schools of Foreign Languages and academic staff will discuss the recommendations of the State of English in Higher Education in Turkey during the first day of the event. This publication was made by the British Council and is one of the largest baseline studies of its kind in Turkey with 38 universities in 15 cities all across Turkey taking part in the study. With over 400 teachers and 4,300 student surveys, the report presents many questions and explores the strengths of and the challenges faced by teachers and learners of English in higher education institutions in Turkey. On the second day of the event the presentors invited by the ITU School of Foreign Languages including Prof. André Giordan (Geneva University), Prof. Robert Ariew (Arizona University) and Prof. Qiang Zha (York University) will provide potential solutions of the problems and focus on the future of the higher education.
Click here to access the program of the event.