Ney Concert by Flute Player Asst. Prof.Süleyman Erguner
Feb 19, 2016

Flute player Asst. Prof. Süleyman Erguner, academic staff member of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory taking active participation in the Conservatory development, was invited by Cemal Resit Rey Turkish Mucic Community to give a concert on 7 February, 2016, Sunday at CRR.

Along with Mansur Ney improvizations Suleyman Erguner performed Hüzzam Pesrevi played by his grandfather Kutb-i Nayi Suleyman Erguner, Beyatiaraban Pesrev and Sazsemaisi by his father Kutb-i Nayi Ulvi Erguner.

suleyman erguner ve munip utandi konser

First Record of “Girift”in Turkish Music

Ney player Erguner has also reintroduced Girifit, a musical instrument widely played in the 17th century but forgotten later, and obtained a “Süleyman Erguner Girifti” patent to produce sounds with a specific production method. After one year of research and musical study Erguner released an album called “Girift Album” in 2011. Accordingly, the second part of the concert was recorded in the modern history of music for the first time. Right after the girift solo performance Erguner played "Cana rakibi handan edersin" previously performed by a ney and girift player Asim Bey (died 26 February 1929) accompanied by a chorus.

In the second part of the concert Münip Utandı, singer of State Chorus, sang musical compositions in Maqam Rast and Muhayyer in classical mode.

Following Mansur Ney performance by Süleyman Erguner in maqam Uşşak, all of the artists took the stage to perform “Ömrün şu biten neşvesi tam olsun erenler” piece composed by Yahya Kemal Beyatlı, one of our greatest poets, and Dede Süleyman Erguner in maqam Uşşak.