ITU in the Biometric Face Recognition Competition
Feb 26, 2016

ITU SiMiT Lab Team became the winner in the International Challenge on Biometric Recognition in the Wild Competition with their work called “Deep Learning-Based Face Recognition System”.

Leaving the other competitors behind, ITU SiMiT Lab Team took first place in Biometric Face Recognition Competition (ICB-RW) organized under the International Biometric Conference (ICB-2016) to be held in Sweden between June 13-16.

This year, International Biometric Conference organized by IEEE Biometric Council and IAPR (The International Association for Pattern Recognition) will be held in Sweden for the ninth time. Held in January, International Biometric Face Recognition Competition (ICB-RW) is one of the best organizations in the field of biometry and organized as a part of the Conference where the latest developments are shared in the field of biometry. On behalf of ITU, students from ITU SiMiT Lab Team, Gökhan Özbulak ve Esam Ghaleb, advised by Ass. Prof. Hazım Kemal Ekenel at Computer Engineering Department joined the competition. With the work they developed- “Deep Learning-Based Face Recognition System”, ITU SiMiT Lab Team became the best performing team in the field of biometrics in the competition which the leading teams participated in across the globe.
Moreover, to be published in one of the most prestigious magazines (IEEE Intelligent Systems) in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, ITU SiMiT Lab Team is invited to write an article explaining their work.

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