ITU TMSC Acacemic Members Perform at International Baglama Festival
Mar 05, 2016

“I. International Baglama Festival” organized under the supervision of Deniz Güneş, academic member of ITU TMSC was held in Central Cultural Center in Ghent, Belgium. The festival, which was held to introduce the bağlama instrument and to demonstrate the technical and traditional peculiarities of bağlama, was highly appreciated by the public.
Along with the performance of prominent bağlama players during the four-day festival various workshops and mastersclasses on the history of the instrument, Turkish Folk Music, traditional bağlama playing techniques and Abdal Tradition of Central Anatolian Music were held. In addition, the role of the Baglama and Turkish Folk Music in the musical education in Belguim (including conservatories, music academies, etc.) was discussed during a colloquium held during the festival.

baglama festivali gorseli

The Festival was organized with the support of ITU TMSC Directorate and De Centrale Administration, the Prime Minister Office of the Turkish Republic, Ghent Municipality, Ghent Conservatory and Muzikantenhaus. A group of musicians from Başkent University, Haliç University and Istanbul Medipol University participating in the project also made their contribution to the festival.
Performance of the virtuoso bağlama players from ITU TMSC, a pioneer in Turkish Folk Music, attracted the audience’s interest. ITU TMSC successfully introduced bağlama, our national musical instrument, to the international arena preserving its traditional style.