We March Towards Record with our Student Clubs
Mar 09, 2016

ITU Culture and Art Society welcomed 8 more new clubs into its structure.
The number of our student clubs has reached 152 with the newly added 1 expertise, 2 sports and 5 culture-art clubs (Drones, Badminton, Bee in Nature, Graphics and Animation, Video Games Development, Prep ITU, Short Movies and Documentary, Capoeira).

ITU CAS with 152 clubs in total including 51 expertise, 70 culture-arts and 31 sports clubs has organized sensational events and has now grown even stronger with its new members.

Experience Talks

ITU CAS by hosting experts, sector representatives and successful performers at the university, helps our students’ personal skills in a scientific medium as well as causes them to gain experience.

Our clubs contribute to the social development of our members in the globalized World. Therefore it supports personal qualifications in order to succeed in business life.

New Clubs Joined ITU CAS Family
Prep ITU Club

Ceren Bayar and Elhan Çapoğlu, students of Prep, started their activities in October 2015-2016 academic year. Later these activities turned into a club in February.
Right now, it has approximately 650 participants.
Bee in Nature Club
The club, which is not indifferent to students’ professional deformation and aims to reconcile students with nature with the motto touch the soil, water, plants and other living things, has welcomed everyone.
The club aims to train engineers, scientists, architects and executives having conscious love of nature and human.
Graphics and Animation Club
The club, founded to have studies, observations and assessments on graphics and animation, will provide information about new techniques and hot tips to its members.
The club will help its members to use the render programs of 3D packets effectively by studying the materials, light sources, screening cameras and visualization settings and enhance the students’ vision through Professional supports (projects, presentations, visual design, etc). To form joint workshops with individuals and institutions from the graphic and animation sector in Turkey and to strengthen student-sector relationships are the main goals of the club.
Video Game Development Club
ITU Video Games Development Club was established to form a platform where game developers in ITU and students who want to work on this sector can come together. In the same context it organizes various trips, seminars and activities. Apart from the events, the club is also trying to form its media branch and reach people outside the university. For this purpose, it uses all media mediums that can be accessed via the Internet under the name Arı Kovanı.
Capoeira Club
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian folk dance joining martial arts for defense with dance and music. Capoeira Club will work on promotion and popularization of Capoeira. In this context, apart from workshops and trainings, performances and trips introducing Capoeira will be organized. The club is also interested in Afro-Brazilian culture-art forms that are closely related to Capoeira such as Samba de Roda, Maculele, Coco, Forro. Regular trainings conducted in ITU Ayazağa Campus continue.
Badminton Club
Club students started out with the idea “social life is a part of sports” are planning to organize events in addition to playing badminton that can contribute to their developing social lives.
Drones Club
ITU Drone Club was established in order to meet with the students who are interested in the subject as well as to study and have trainings together.
Short Movie and Documentary Club
The purpose of the club is to become culturally mature and have more developed talents by shooting short movies and documentaries.
The activities ofour Clubs can be followed from KSB Facebook (F/itu.ksb), KSB Twiter (/ituKsb) and our web site (www.ksb.itu.edu.tr)