Projects That Make Life Easier at ITU Ayazağa
Mar 11, 2016

Designed to meet the needs of everyone, works of the projects continue in Ayazağa Campus reaching a population of 20 thousand during the day. These projects which are evaluated and presented to the University Campus Planning Commission are to be completed rapidly.

yurt projesi

The Housing Problem of Students is Sorted Out

With the purpose of meeting housing demand of the students, continued intensive initiatives of ITU Rectorate has borne fruit and the project for the Hall of Residence to house 1500 students is being implemented.

In this project being carried out with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a girls’ dormitory with the capacity of 500 students and a men’s dormitory with the capacity of 1000 students will exist.

It is planned to accomplish the project work of the dormitories in 3 months and to initiate the construction by September.


The Housing Problem of Academicians Ends

In order to put an end to the housing problem of academicians, launched by ITU Rectorate, the project comprised of 259 flats in high standards is being completed rapidly.

As a result of barter auction held in return to 22 flats in Akatlar, the construction of 259 public housing comprised of 6 blocks with 12 4+1, 113 3+1, 63 2+1 and 71 1+1 flats in 31.000 m2 closed area was started in 2015. The rough construction of 3 blocks has been completed and they are supposed to be in use by June. The construction of other 3 blocks has been started and they are to be delivered in March, 2017. The project is planned to be completed as soon as possible so that the academicians can attain a comfortable living area.

camii projesi

Mosque Project Comes to Life

For many years, requested by students, academicians, and administrative staff, the mosque project is also being implemented. Planned with an original design, ITU Ayazağa Mosque with the capacity of 3000 people will become available in a shortest time.