Art Academy for Everyone is in Gaziantep
Mar 31, 2016

The second leg of the music seminar organized to introduce and popularize the project of “Art Academy for Everyone” was held in Gaziantep.

The program designed by Prof. Dr. Serpil Murtezaoğlu, a lecturer in ITU Turkish Music Conservatory, and coordinated by Dr. Gültekin Şener, an instructor in Gaziantep University Turkish Music Conservatory, was held in Mavera Congress and Arts Center with the participation of many GAUN academicians.

herkes icin sanat akademisi gaziantepte

The program started with Prof. Dr. İlgar İmamverdiyev’s introduction of ashik saz, the instrument of ashik tradition. The introduction of Turkish musical instruments such as tar, violin, ney, zither saz, bağlama, tanbur, and oud saz was made by the lecturers of Turkish Music Conservatory at ITU and GAUN.


This event aiming to create awareness on behalf of traditional Turkish music and cultural values will continue to meet students in many schools of our country.

herkes icin sanat akademisi genclerle

Art Academy for Everyone

Established as the first academic institution in the field of Turkish Music, ITU Turkish Music Conservatory has implemented Art Academy For Everyone which was designed to spread the love of art and academic education to all parts of the society.

herkes icin sanat akademisi plaket

Projected by Prof. Dr. Serpil Murtezaoğlu, Vice-Director in Turkish Music Conservatory, the aim of Art Academy for Everyone is to spread our traditional music among children and young people.

It is planned to move this project, which was launched throughout Istanbul and which reached thousands of children, to entire Turkey and even to international platform.