Robots Compete at ITU, Science and Technology Win
Apr 07, 2016

ITU Robot Olympics, first organized in 2007 by ITU Control and Automation Club (OTOKON), will be held for the 10th time on April 8-10.

OTOKON, conducting its studies with the aim of contributing to all university and high school students in Turkey, mainly at ITU, will host robotics enthusiasts, again this year, in Istanbul, ‘technology capital of the future’.

Robotics enthusiasts, who will gather at ITU with the aim of contributing to the development of robotics technologies by providing international communication and interaction, will experience 3 exciting and fun days again this year.

Within Turkish Airlines ITU Robot Olympics 2016, seminars will also be held on the issues to be discussed such as past, present and future of robotics, robotics applications in daily life, robotics in industry, robotics in academic life and robotics in medicine.

It is possible to encounter robots climbing upstairs, putting off fires, playing basketball, and finding their path in a maze in Turkish Airlines ITU Robot Olympics 2016 where competitions in entertaining categories will be held in order to increase the participation of interested individuals in robotics and make the competitors feel more excited during the competition.

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