Two Prestigious Awards from ITU!
Apr 07, 2016

ITU continues to bring success and BAGEB award that our two scientists have won is the last example of it.
This year, two faculty members from our university are considered worthy for the Young Scientists Award Program (BAGEP) initiated by the Science Academy in order to reward and support the outstanding young scientists.

Assoc. Dr. Tuğba Ölmez Hancı from Department of Environmental Engineering has won the award in the branch of Environmental Engineering with her studies that she has been conducting on endocrine disruptive, advanced oxidation processes of carcinogenic substances and removal of them with technologies making use of nano particles.

tugba olmez hanci

Assoc. Dr. Özgür Akarsu from Department of Physics Engineering has won the award in the branch of Physics with his studies that he has been conducting on theoretical and observational cosmology.


Our academicians will receive their awards in Middle East Technical University on April 14, 2016.
Assoc. Dr. Barış Kışkan, an academician from ITU Department of Chemistry, also brought honor to our university winning BAGEP award in 2014.

In order to choose and reward the best young academics and to support them in conducting new studies, the Science Academy initiated BAGEB award program in the year 2013. The award-winning young academics are supported for a period of two years to support them in their research. Thus, the most brilliant and promising young academics are awarded a prestigious grant which will help them further their studies.