The Art Questioning ‘Virtual’ is at ITU RGS
Apr 08, 2016

Ali Alışır’s Digital Editing Photo Exhibition Opens at ITU RGS on April 14

Among the most prominent names in the field of the new generation with his distinctive works combining the photography with contemporary art, Ali Alışır’s group exhibition questioning the concept of “virtuality” can be visited at ITU RSG.

The exhibition of Ali Alışır “Virtual Triology: Virtual Places, Virtual Wars, and Virtual Views” will be opened with an invitation to be given at 17.30, on Thursday April 14, at ITU RGS (Rectorate Art Gallery).  Following that, a talk will be held on “About Contemporary Art Photography” which will be open to the participation of all art lovers.

ali alisir

References to Assimilated Photographs

Criticizing today’s increasingly digitalized world, assimilated lifestyles, assimilated conception of photography; projects of Alışır known as “The artist drawing with photographs” explore the concept of “virtuality” from 3 different aspects. The exhibition “Virtual Trilogy” in which works exhibited separately in different times can be seen together for the first time includes references to photograph culture spread via social media.

This exhibition will be visited until May 15. ITU RGS is open to visit everyday between 08.00-20.00. The doors of gallery in Rectorate Building at ITU Ayazağa Campus are open to all art lovers.  

Who is Ali Alışır?

Having completed his undergraduate program in the field of graphics, Ali Alişir got his graduate degree in photography in Italy. Following his works on digital editing in photography, he prepared photograph projects focused on the concept of “virtuality” since 2009.

The artist who questions social issues highlighted by different disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, literature and cinema through his works with digital manipulations attracts attention especially with a variety of techniques he uses.

Alışır carries his art works in Istanbul, which are featured at a number of national and international collections such as the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the Turkish Republic Presidential Residence and about 100 embassies. Ali Alışır teaches at Yeditepe Univesity Faculty of Fine Arts.