Hot News From Antarctica!
Apr 14, 2016

Departed from Turkey on March 29, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Polar Research Center (PolReC), along with its Advisory Board continues its works in Antarctica with 14-person-research team.

The research team, composed of 14 people from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul University, Erciyes University, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Marmara University, Kocaeli University, Çukurova University, and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) initiated the scientific surveys.


Setting out from Ushuaia, the southernmost Argentina and also the closest part to the continent, Turkish Science Team landed on Peninsula part of Antarctica after crossing Drake Passage which is seen as one of the toughest routes in the world.  Following that, within the framework of joint “Science Expedition”, the team went to “Vernadsky Research Station” of Ukraine.

Our lecturer Assoc. Prof. Burcu Özsoy Çiçek, one of the team members, waved a Turkish flag and an ITU flag there.  


These scientists will do research in 50-mile-area of Antarctica continent where they wave Turkish Flag. The team comprised of medical doctors, botanists, map and geology engineers, and experts of marine sciences will do scientific surveys there for 2 weeks.