An Exceptional Exhibition at ITU RSG
Apr 15, 2016

Among the most prominent names in the field of the new generation with his distinctive works combining the photography with contemporary art, Ali Alışır’s exhibition “Virtual Triology: Virtual Places, Virtual Wars, and Virtual Views” was opened with an invitation on Thursday April 14, 2016.

ali alisir sergi kolaj

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Vice-Rectors, Deans, many names from World of art and academia and students attended opening of the exhibition. Alışır’s friends were also with him. At the same time, the artist gave a speech and answered the questions from the art lovers.

rektorumuz ve ali alisir

References to assimilated lives...

Criticizing today’s increasingly digitalized world, assimilated lifestyles, assimilated conception of photography; projects of Alışır known as “The artist drawing with photographs” explore the concept of “virtual” from 3 different aspects.

The exhibition “Virtual Trilogy” in which works exhibited separately in different times can be seen together for the first time includes references to photograph culture spread via social media. This exhibition will be visited until May 15 at ITU RGS.

ali alisir soylesi