From Fantastic World to Europe…
Apr 15, 2016

Thanks to its success in Turkish League, Honeybees Team within ITU Quidditch Club continuing its operations at ITU for 2 years has deserved to participate in the Europe Quidditich Cup. From 13 different countries, total 37 teams will participate in the Cup to be held in Gallipoli, Italy on April 16-17, 2016.


What is Muggle Quidditch?

Muggle Quidditch is a new sport branch which has its roots from Harry Potter series comprised of seven fantastic novels and books written by J.K. Rowling. This sport created in Middlebury Vermont (USA) in 2005 and later began to spread rapidly among communities in European universities is welcomed at ITU.

Muggle Quidditch, inspired by different sports branches such as rugby, volleyball and handball and played by 7 players in a team with four different positions on a broomstick, is a quite new sport with its unique rules. Each team has three hoops of varying heights and the ultimate goal of this sport is to score points by passing the ball called Quaffle through the hoops. Each goal scored is worth ten points in the game in this sport where there are three different balls: their names are: Quaffle, Bludger and Snitch. Quaffle, passed through the hoops, makes the team earn 10 points. There are three balls called Bludger in the game and upon being hit by a bludger, the player is considered to have fallen off the broom, and this means the player suffers the knockout effect till he touches his team’s hoops. Attached to the runner referee who can move freely in the pitch, Snitch is a tennis ball which awards the team 30 points when caught and ends the game. In a team there are 1 keeper, 3 chasers, 2 beaters and 1 seeker. Chasers are responsible for passing the Quaffle and scoring points by throwing the Quaffle through one of the opponent's goals. Keeper is responsible for blocking attempts to score by the opposing team's chasers by saving his hoops. Once outside of the keeper zone, the keeper may serve as a fourth chaser. Beater can attempt to hit the opposing team's players with bludgers and cause them to fall off their brooms. Seeker is released after 18 minutes of the game and his only goal is to catch the snitch from snitch-runner before the seeker of opposing team catches it. The teams may have a maximum of four players who identify as the same gender.