Golden Bee Awards Find Their Owners
May 10, 2016

Those who add value to ITU get their awards. 

We congratulate the people and institutions who deserve to be granted Golden Bee Award which is given to those who add value to ITU in diverse ways such as by contributing to our country in infrastructural and technological fields which are taught at ITU theoretically and practically, improving artistic and social activities in our university as well as increasing the recognition of ITU abroad technically and economically with its significant national and international studies, expanding the physical facilities and supporting academic staff and students. 

We’ll present Golden Bee awards to Mr. Binali Yıldırım who is graduated from our Shipbuiding, Marine Science Department in 1977 and now Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Mr. Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu who is the Minister of Forestry and Water Management  and Recai Kutan who is graduated from our Civil Engineering Department in 1952 and former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources For their permanent and outstanding contributions to support our students’ education and their career paths and for their supports to physhical improvements to develop social life in our university, service to infrastructural and technological development of our country and finally; sensible attitude to promote reputation of our university domestically and internationally with the sense of “Being from İTÜ”.

The corporations deserved Golden Bee Award by providing high level contributions to İTU are on the list below:

- Barsan Global Logistics 

- Chevron International Co. Ltd.

- Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

- İTÜ Foundation

- Makyol Cons. Ind. Tur. and Trade Inc. 

- Turkish State Railways İstanbul 1st Regional Directorate
- Construction Center Corporate Group