Occupational Accidents in the Mining Sector
May 10, 2016

ITU Faculty of Mines Foundation in cooperation with Turkish Mining Development Foundation held a panel discussion on the subject of “Occupational Accidents in the Mining Sector” at İhsan Ketin Conference Hall – Faculty of Mines.

A great number of visitors including academicians, students, members of foundations and various organizations attended the event held on the 10th of May, Tuesday in the scope of the 33rd Foundation Activities’ Week.

madencilik sektorunde is kazalari panel

The panel discussion began with the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Fatma Arslan, Dean of the Faculty of Mines, in which she drew attention to the mining accidents becoming more common recently, and continued with the participation of Prof. Dr. Bahtiyar Ünver (Hacettepe Univ. Dep. of Mining Eng.) Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kuzu (ITU Dep. of Mining Eng.), Prof. Dr. Okay Aksoy (DEU Dep. of Mining Eng.) and Mining Engineer Lütfi Çallı (TMDF) under the presidence of Prof. Dr. Güven Önal (TMDF).

The participants of the panel discussion argued about the types and main reasons of the accidents as well as measures to prevent them. The importance of professional trainings at the working place for employers and employees was strongly emphasized.

At the end of the panel Prof. Dr. Fatma Arslan on behalf of the foundations presented appreciation plaques to the participants.