Antarctic Science Expedition Team is at ITU
May 11, 2016

The team composed of ITU Polar Research Center (PolReC) and Central Advisory Board shared their exciting adventures in Antarctica with the students and academicians in the talk held in Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center. 

In the talk held on May 10, 2016, the team waving our flag in Antarctica proudly presented their successfully accomplished research accompanied by photos and videos taken during the expedition.

antarktika bilim seferi soylesi

The team informed the participants on topics such as the adventures they experienced during the expedition and the observations done on sea ice, sea mammals, birds and icebergs throughout the process and their answering questions of the students at secondary school in Turkey via satellite phone in the continent,

Upon accomplishing the first phase of their studies, the team stated that they expect to go again to the continent of white, tranquility and peace as soon as possible.