Digital Univers[C]ity – Berlin’s Digitalization Process
May 12, 2016

Digitalization changes our live. More than ever before, people discuss, write and reflect about digital changes. Topics such as Big Data, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities and many more form an indispensable part of our daily life. In fact, they already are an active part in our working and private life.

The Berlin digital transformation is well advanced, yet. The capital is a hotspot for outstanding international minds as well as the location of a flourishing digital economy and start-up scenery. To turn Berlin into an IT capital with an international visibility, it needs a common strategic program – the Berlin Digital Agenda -, which will be fostered equally by politicians, scientists and enterprises.

Christian Thomsen, President of Technische Universitaet Berlin and co-initiator of the Berlin Task Force on Digitalization, will give an overview about the preconditions, circumstances and ongoing digitalization activities in Berlin. He will present the recently adopted Berlin Digital Agenda and how Berlin’s scientists will make their contribution for a digital future. 

Digital Univers[C]ity