Laboratory in the name of Prof. Hadis Morkoç will be opened at ITU
May 13, 2016

Laboratory in the name of Prof. Hadis Morkoç, 1964 graduate of ITU and a scientist continuing his studies at Commonwealth University in Virginia, USA, will be opened at ITU.

The opening ceremony of “Prof. Dr. Hadis Morkoç Electro-Optical Devices R&D Laboratory” within the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics will be conducted on Wednesday, May 18 at 14:00 in the Faculty building.

After the opening ceremony to be conducted by our Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca and Prof. Hadis Morkoç, the distinguished scientist Morkoç will come together with ITU members for a conversation session. Within the laboratory, the presentation of a new medical device that can make a breakthrough in vascular surgery will be conducted on the same day.

Prof. Morkoç is among the five best researches in the world and also mentioned for Nobel candidate in Physics for his studies on microelectronics.

After the graduation from ITU Faculty of Electrical And Electronics in 1964, Morkoç studied on transistors and microelectronics; and completed his post graduate at ITU. He continues his studies in the USA now. He is also expected to support the studies of ITU researchers in the laboratory to be opened in his name.