Turkish Music Lovers Meet at Spring Concert
May 13, 2016

ITU Turkish Music Community presented its annually organized traditional “Spring Concert” to its spectators.

turk muzigi konseri_1

ITU Turkish Musical Community presented a musical feast to the members of ITU on a splendid evening. During the concert, which was performed on 12 May, Thursday, the songs of such famous artists as Yıldırım Gürses, Mahmut Oğul, İsmet Nedim Saatçi were performed.

turk muzigi konseri_3

The first part of the concert focused on the compositions from Nihavend makam while the second presented the compositions from Muhayyerkürdi makam conducted by Mustafa Şahin.

turk muzigi konseri_2

ITU Turkish Music Community

The choir practices of Turkish Classical Music started at ITU in 1973-74 under the initiative of Osman Simav. The choir was conducted by various conductors for a period of time when it was taken over by our prominent artist İnci Çayırlı (1977-1985). In the following years Turkish Classical Music choir trainings were carried out at ITU. In 2006 – 2009 choirs of ITU teachers, students and other members presented various concerts conducted by different conductors. ITU Turkish Music Culture Club was established in 2010 by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Eksin as part of ITU Culture and Arts Union. Since that time the club has been working under the direction of Mustafa Şahin.