Take a Step to BIM Proficiency with ITU Certificate Program
Oct 09, 2016

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Certificate Program organized by Autodesk company, the leader in 3D design and BIM software, in cooperation with ITU will make a new start at ITU Continuing Education Center on 8th October, 2016.

The program will introduce some basic information about BIM, which allows to detect design flaws at the stage of 3D Project design, provides efficient project management opportunities by associating all information on the life cycle of the project with its 3D model. The program, which will examine and implement BIM processes and models utilised in real life, this year as 3 phases in 9 weeks will take place between 8th October – 10th December.

Upon the completion of the Certificate Program course, intended primarily for civil engineering faculty students, will also help students from another engineering and architectural departments to gain a new perspective in their career and will offer you the opportunity to become a BIM specialist. Register now to take part in the course taught by ITU Assoc. Prof. Esin Ergen Pehlevan and Daniel Kazado, Managing Partner at ProCS -Professional Construction Solutions & BIM Advisor and an ITU graduate at the same time.

Assoc. Prof. Esin Ergen Pehlevan
ITU Academic Staff Member

Esin Ergen Pehlevan completed her Bachelor’s degree at ITU Civil Engineering Faculty and obtained her Master’s degree in Construction Management Division at ITU. She holds a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, which she completed at Carnegie Mellon University having received a YOK (Higher Education Council) scholarship. In 2006 Pehlevan won FIATECH CETI Outstanding Mind Mension Award for her doctoral thesis and has over 50 international publications on construction project management and information technmologies in construction. Pehlevan holds a position of Assoc. Prof at ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering and she is an associate editor of “ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering” journal. In addition, she lectures on BIM and information techonolgies in construction at postgraduate programs in ITU and other universities. Esin Ergen Pehlevan is also an instructor and coordinator for BIM Specialist Certificate Program at ITU Continuing Education Center.

Daniel Kazado, Managing Partner at ProCS -Professional Construction Solutions & BIM Advisor

Daniel Kazado graduated from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering Faculty in 1998. While working at Ekin Project company he occupied the positions of a project manager, a project coordinator and a BIM manager. During his career at Ekin Project Kazado was involved in such significant projects as Doha International Airport (Qatar), Sofia International Airport (Bulgaria), Palm Island Shoreline Apartments (Dubai) and Zorlu Center (Istanbul) and currently is pursuing his career as a Managing Partner at ProCS Professional Construction Solutions and BIM Advisor.

Dr. Gürşans Güven Işın

Gürşans Güven Işın completed her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Yildiz Technical University in 2007, in 2010 obtained her Master’s degree in Construction Management at ITU and started working as a research assistant at ITU Civil Engineering Department. Işın obtained a PhD degree in Construction Engineering at ITU in 2016. She primarily focuses on the application of information technologies in construction, construction data modeling, advanced tracking and data storage technologies in construction. Gürşans Güven Işın, a user of Autodesk Revit and Navisworks programs since 2008, is currently working as an instructor for ITU CES BIM Certificate Program.

For more detailed information please visit http://www.itusem.itu.edu.tr/