A Touch of Engineering on Quality of Healthcare
May 20, 2016

We seem to hear you asking this question: “How can a technical university improve the quality of service in the field of health?” Prof. Dr. Fethi Çalışır, the Dean of Management Faculty, gives an answer to this question.

Prof. Dr. Fethi Çalışır indicated that “Health Systems Management Graduate Program”, which is the first and unique at ITU, is the best example in this regard, and he added that thanks to this program, it is aimed to improve the quality of healthcare which is a multi-layered structure comprised of the state, doctors, nurses, health care staff and universities. Reminding that there was no specialized training until the recent past in health systems management appreciated more lately, Çalışır stated that the problem will go away with this graduate program. 

Prof. Dr. Fethi Calisir-1

Prof. Dr. Çalışır emphasized that the specialty gained in the health systems management will be effective on taking health systems into a better point technically with this new engineering-based view and improving the functionality by allowing the professionals to look the applied systems from a new perspective.  

The engineers will be able to use the technical information they gained in their field to improve the quality of health care nationwide with ITU Health Systems Management Graduate Program which is implemented in order to apply the technical information and the demand of technological progress present naturally in engineering to be the most important part of the interdisciplinary transformation in the field of health into health systems management.   

Uskaf Konusmacilar

Attending the organization in the name of our university “National Health Quality Forum (USKAF) planned as a preliminary work in Faculty of Medicine at Kocaeli University before the meeting of “International 1st Health Quality Istanbul” to be held in 2017, Çalışır stated that it is crucial to reach the most efficient health systems management considering a number of people demanding healthcare service and many values playing an important role in the field of health as they do in every field such as high quality, low cost, continuous improvement accompanied by customer satisfaction.