Instrumental Bridges between Anatolia and World
May 26, 2016

A documentary named “Traditional Music of Turkey with Wooden Instruments” prepared by International Wood Culture Society from Taiwan under the supervision of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Assoc. Prof. Tolgahan Çoğulu has been filmed. In the documentary featured in English not only academic staff members and students of Turkish Music State Conservatory but also the musical instruments’ craftsmen provide detailed information about the way wooden musical instruments were used to play traditional music in Turkey.


The documentary demonstrates a wide range of wooden instruments used to play music in Turkey from the zither to the kemancha and from the bagpipe to the nagara drum. In this professional study you will explore the musical influence within a multicultural environment stretching from the middle-eastern Anatolia to the Caucasus, the Black Sea and the Balkans; at the same time the self-educated craftsmen indicate that traditional Turkish musical instruments differ not only in their shape and material but also in terms of the musical rhythm which gives them a very specific spirit.

The documentary demonstrates the way Turkish ancient multicolored ethnic structure is reflected in traditional music styles and naturally in traditional musical instruments, and also presents the information about musical forms and sound mechanisms played by the Turkish musical instruments which is narrated by ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory academicians and students in a very understandable manner. The film introducing traditional Turkish music through wooden instruments offers a great opportunity to learn more about Anatolian geography which was formed by a mixture of local and immigrant cultures affected by universality in music.

You can watch this authentic documentary exploring the two separate groups of classic Ottoman wooden instruments and folklore instruments of traditional music culture blossoming in Anatolia and building instrumental bridges to the world below: