A Talk on 18th Century in RGS
May 27, 2016

Assoc. Prof. Burak Barutçu will give answers to the questions about the exhibition “Baş hocalar” (Head instructors) which provides the primes of our history of science…

The history consultant of the project, Assoc. Prof. Burak Barutçu will describe the third exhibition of “History Serial” of ITU RSG, “Mühendishane’nin Üç Başhocası” (Three Headmasters of Engineering School), opened on May 20. Barutçu will introduce the exceptional works in the exhibition and explain the head instructors, their missions and the scientific atmosphere of that period in the history talk which will be held in RGS at 2pm on Thursday, June 2, 2016.


Head Instructors and Their Effects on Our History of Science

The history consultant of the project, Assoc. Prof. Burak Barutçu managed the processes such as preparation of the anthology of the works and creation of the content as guidance to the visitors of the exhibition. Showing the exhibition to the participants of the talk, Barutçu will inform the visitors both about the works and scientific studies carried out in Engineering School. He will also answer the questions by explaining the life stories of Hüseyin Rıfkı Efendi (Tamânî), Seyyid Ali Paşa ve Hoca Ishak Efendi and their contributions to our history of science.


Exceptional Works from 18th Century

This exhibition, first in Turkey, draws attention in terms of including the first steps for the development of Sciences and pointing out the contributions of ITU to the scientific knowledge of our country. The exhibition, in which the books written and translated by head instructors in 18th century are displayed, can be visited every day from 08am to 08pm till June 7.


The exhibition and talk are open to the participation of all history-lovers from or out of ITU.