ITU’s Vision of Innovations in Textile
May 30, 2016

In our constantly developing world the textile sector, like any other sector closely related to modern life, experiences a strong need for a more effective production concept responding to changing consumer behaviour and demands. In this connection the major purpose of Textile Based Advanced Composite Technology and Innovation Center of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Köseoğlu, established in order to meet the demands of the textile sector, is to develop sustainable products with high added-value in such fields as trasnportation, domestic appliances and construcrtion.

The center launched in ITU Gümüşsuyu Campus with the support of Istanbul Development Agency opened its doors to the leading representatives of the sector. “Development of Textile Based Smart and Multifunctional Composite Product and Insulation Materials” project coordinated by Prof. Dr. Nuray Uçar, one of the academic members of İTÜ Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design, was presented at a workshop held at ITU main campus building.


Within the scope of the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Canan Sarıçam, Assoc. Prof. Nazan Erdumlu, Assoc. Prof. Murat Baydoğan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Meltem Yanılmaz and Dr. İlkay Özsev Yüksek delivered presentations on the subjects such as Technological Developments in Textile Based Inorganic and Organic Lightweight Composites, Smart Composites, Multifunctional and Nonflammable Composites, Developments in Textile Based Heat and Sound Insulation Materials and Aerogels, and 3D (Three dimensional) Composite Applications in Textile Technologies (Weaving, Knitting, Braiding). At the end of the workshop, the companies held bilateral discussions on the projects and subjects that can be conducted concurringly.


The initiative on the project developed in the center of textile based lightweight composite and isolation materials and multifunctional technical textile fabric was taken by the project members including IETT, TEMSA, ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). In addition, the representatives of ITU NOVA TTO provided the information concerning national and international grants, funds and projects.


Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Alaittin Arpacı, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Head of the Department of Automotive Industry Serkan Çelik, General Secretary of Composite Industrialists Association Ismail Hakkı Hacıalioğlu, Secretary General at Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association Bekir Aslaner together with academicians and students joined the workshop.