On 243rd Anniversary, Our Alumni is at ITU Again
May 30, 2016

A splendid celebration to mark the 243rd anniversary of ITU was held on Friday 27 May, 2016 at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Ayazağa Campus and a colorful program was organized the following day. At the events of ITU Day, many young and old alumni of ITU came together and spent hours of fun and emotional moments at the same time. In the ceremony on the first day, we were also very glad to present Golden Bee Award to people and organizations that made their contribution to our university and award plaques to ITU members who made successful careers thanks to ITU and completed 60 and more years in their working life.

243.yil_itu gunu_1

Our alumni celebrating their 40 and 50 years in business and the staff celebrating their 30, 40 and 50 years of service at ITU came together in the breakfast accompanied by an outstanding musical concert at Lecture Hall A Building on the second day of a full program. Starting a family in the years after graduation and transferring ITU culture to the next generations, our alumni and their children attending the fest shared this joy in the program full of dance, music, games, karaoke competitions organized by animation team, and fun in the game park.

243.yil_itu gunu_2

Our Rector stopped by the tables and got some photos taken with the alumni among whom there were those who saw each other many years later. Wanting to make up for the time passed, our alumni relived the years at ITU as they refreshed memories and indicated that the concept of “being from ITU” would last a lifetime. We witnessed some emotional scenes lived by our university alumni while they were recollecting their university years on this wonderful day which was accompanied by a shining sun.

243.yil_itu gunu_3

As a memory of ITU Day, the alumni, who immortalized that great gathering with a photography taken on the stage, got detailed information about the planned and implemented projects on the campus by joining the “Green Campus” tour in our university.

243.yil_itu gunu_4

We present our thanks to all our alumni who expanded ITU family more with their families and shared our excitement by joining ITU Day.