Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth met at ITU
Jun 02, 2016

The graduates of ITU-GINOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate Program, being among the best entrepreneurship certificate program in Turkey and supported by TUBITAK, came together in the cocktail party held on Tuesday, May 31.


Along with the graduates of the previous terms, the academicians supporting this program and also other supporters participated in the cocktail party held in ITU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center.


In the cocktail party, Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz, the Director of ITU GINOVA Center, and Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt, a Lecturer and the Vice-Director of the Center, presented the certificates to 40 students who are entitled to get their certificates by completing the last program successfully.


ITU-GINOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate Program

350 students and academicians got benefited from the program held since 2014 Spring Term and for which more than 1000 individual applications were made. It is aimed to equip the students with basic entrepreneurship skills in the program where the certificates are issued at different levels. With its three stages, “Beginner Student Pathway” for elementary level students, “Advanced Student Pathway” for the students with a project at a certain level, “Academic Pathway” for the PhD students and academicians, this program will continue in the upcoming Fall Term.