It is Time to be the Architect of Graduation Ceremony
Jun 08, 2016

We are looking for students from ITU to organize a wonderful graduation ceremony. For application: KSB.What about supporting our students to organize the best graduation ceremony which will be held by a team comprised of student clubs, club representatives of Culture and Art Union and students from our university as it was last year?

mezuniyet toreni_1

A wonderful team is waiting for you to do their best to organize ITU 2015-2016 Graduation Ceremony to be held on June 14, 2016, as good as the ones in the past years. To be an architect of this great excitement and the creator of the graduation ceremony that thousands of students from ITU won’t forget, what you should do is very easy: joining our graduation team. To be a part of this large-scale organization, just fill in the form available here!

mezuniyet toreni_2

The final of the 4-year-long adventure should be fun and amazing as much as itself. So, as a student of ITU: “Come on, be with us!”