High School Inventors Fly to their Dreams
Jun 09, 2016

‘Istanbul Inter High School Model Plane Competition’, which was launched by Istanbul Technical University in collaboration with Istanbul Provincial Directorate for National Education and İGA, Istanbul New Airport contractor for construction and operation, took place on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

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4 teams comprised of 31 high school students, presented their model airplanes which had been prepared after a preliminary stage during the 2-month theoretical training in the laboratories of our university.

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The competition of the young inventors, who demonstrated their talent flying their model airplanes at ITU Stadium designed at our university, turned out to be very exciting for the spectators. The teams were competing to fly their airplane models during maximum 5 minutes and open parahutes.

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The team “Yürüyen Uçak” (Walking Plane) receiving the first prize for their model airplane ‘ANKA’ gained a helicopter tour around Istanbul as well as the right to join the internship program at İGA. Team Hyperion and TK-M4 Türkuş Team were awarded with the second and the third prizes respectively. Members of the three winning teams were awarded with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad Mini. The teams received their prizes from the hands of our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and Yusuf Akçayoğlu CEO of İGA. The teams which placed the fourth and the fifth were awarded by Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Ömer Faruk Yelkenci and Arnavutkoy Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Dağ. 

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