Our historical heritage became immortal by the 250th year sculpture
Jun 10, 2016

250th year sculpture took its place at the Arı Gate entrance on Ayazağa Campus. The sculpture was designed with the 250th year vision in mind which is the most essential part of our university’s perspective about the future. ITU is celebrating its 243th anniversary.


Mehmet Erkök, instructor of Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, designed and also considerably contributed to the production phase of the sculpture which will welcome all our students and academicians in front of Arı Gate.


In order to understand this meaningful work of art better, we fitted many things in our brief interview with sculptor Mehmet Erkök. Erkök stated that being both an academician and a sculptor at the same time was very special and increased his productivity. He added that working in these fields sometimes made him feel like living in two different worlds, thus he found himself lucky.


Designer of the 250th year sculpture, Mehmet Erkök, said that the project had been on the agenda for more than a year and emphasized that our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca really wished to have this piece of art which would represent the 250th anniversary of our university and carry on the heritage to the eternity on Ayazağa Campus. Erkök mentioned that many ideas were discussed during the process and finally a joint decision was made on this design in the last step.


University instructor and sculptor Mehmet Erkök emphasized that different parts of the monument represent different values. He explained that the circles in the form of globe represent the continents, the figure of a pencil inspired by the calligraphy of Prof. Dr. Nihad Dukhan represents science and engineering while 250 figures of people in the center of the monument represent everyone who passed through ITU since its foundation, in other words all ITU members. Erkök, who during two months of hard and rather effective work accompanied by a group of craftsmen was constructing the 250th Anniversary Monument every day, noted that this extremely meaningful monument would at the same time contribute to the Green Campus Project ongoing since 2013 as an object of fine arts. Mehmet Erkök, who had also previously designed the sundial for our Ayazağa Campus, indicated that some new monuments are to be erected in addition to the existing ones, which are abundant on our campus, and pointed out the features and unique lines that distinguish the 250th Anniversary Monument from the other monuments on campus.


Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated that the sculpture was dedicated to the 250th anniversary of our university and he believed that it would soon become a popular symbol in front of which students would take photos.

While thanking Instructor Mehmet Erkök for designing this important work of art for Ayazağa Campus, we are happy that the historical heritage our university possesses has received immortality through this sculpture. Let the 250th year sculpture be a gift to all our students, academicians, in brief to all ITU members.

Special thanks to Vakıfbank for sponsoring the construction of 250th year sculpture.