New Image of ITU: Communication and Marketing Directorate
Jun 15, 2016

Our university with its 243 years of experience providing education for young generations in various fields with a strong brand name in higher education is introducing a new communication perspective to its status. Due to the image and perception management to be performed in the scope of a communication strategy consistent with the ITU corporate identity by Communication and Marketing Directorate, which will approach our university as a brand, we will be able to establish an efficient communication with our students, academicians and public in visual, written and digital form via all our communication channels. Please follow this link to access the detailed information about the directorate, which will provide a wide range of services to the university from raising the international recognition of ITU and supporting efficient communication with the alumni to rankings and increasing the university’s income. Having successfully completed a number of projects within one year our Communication and Marketing Department is providing new services to the ITU community!

E-mail notifications no longer to be sent!

Electronic bulletin called “This Week in ITU” to be sent out once a week will replace the e-mail notifications which used to be delivered separately for each event reducing the e-mail storage capacity. The bulletin will be an important communication bridge by presenting the university news and events in a dynamic and easy to read format.

ITU Events Web Page Launched

The projects to be presented by Communication and Marketing Directorate are not limited to the above mentioned. With a strong belief that a university’s life is not restricted to education, the Directorate will also provide information connected with academic, cultural and sport activities to our students and academicians via “ITU Events” web page which will be created in line with the corporate identity of our university. Moreover, you will not miss any ITU event by arranging your own events’ schedule. Follow this link to access the web page.

Get Updates on Green Campus from its Web Page!

In addition, a new web page will be dedicated to the Green Campus project that has been ongoing since 2013. This web page has been created in order to familiarize the ITU members with this ongoing project aimed at building sustainable environment and inform all our members about new updates on the project in a very short time.

The internet site that will provide updates on recycling, life on bicycles, landscape design and reduction of carbon footprint to our students and academicians is only one of the results of our new corporate perspective launched by Communication and Marketing Directorate. Follow this link to access the Green Campus project.

Due to Communication and Marketing Directorate, which introduces changes from the communication perspective, the most important one for ITU as the university seizing the future, “Being an ITU Member” will be even more privileged.