Researchers from ITU are Getting Their Awards
Jun 15, 2016

Years of endeavor, deep research that seems endless, intensive effort spent to find the best sources, striving for creating an exceptional scientific work… The best dissertations selected among the ones written up by our graduate students having completed their master’s and doctorate degrees in our university will be awarded with “The Best Dissertations Award” this year again.

As a result of a rigorous selection, the dissertations are selected from among the scientific works determined by the relevant council and presented to University Administrative Council in accordance with the relevant regulations of our university, and these dissertations are granted “The Best Dissertations Awards”.

In “Doctorate and Proficiency in Art Diploma Ceremony” to be held in ITU Central Gymnasium at 10.00 on Tuesday June 21, 2016, the awards will be granted to our master’s and doctorate students who will be a light for the future scientific developments and make significant national and international contributions into the world of science with the dissertations they wrote up.

Our graduates of master’s or doctorate degrees, who completed their graduate studies successfully and whose dissertations are entitled as “The Best Dissertation” as a result of scientific evaluations, and subjects of their dissertations are as follow: