Landscape architecture professionals met at DLA 2016
Jun 16, 2016

The 17th annual International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference (DLA 2016), which is one of the best summits in the field of landscape architecture, again took place in a colorful environment and an exciting atmosphere. Following the intensive preparations made for over a year, the conference, which is organized under the presidency of Assoc. Prof. Y. Çağatay Seçkin, a lecturer in ITU Faculty of architecture, started with the workshop titled “Digital Geodesign Synthesis” under the supervision of Prof. Carl Steinitz on Tuesday May 31, 2016 at Taşkışla Campus. DLA 2016 continued for three days after the opening ceremony which was honored by the presence of our Rector, Prof. Mehmet Karaca and the Dean of Architecture Faculty, Prof. Sinan Mert Şener on June 1st, 20126. The conference ended with the closing ceremony held on Friday June 3rd, 2016 and the promotional presentation of the next year’s conference.


In the conference program, the workshop, 3D Planting Design and Modelling, organized under the supervision of especially Prof. Philip Paar was followed by intense interest and appreciation. On Saturday June 4th, 2016, the last day of the conference, a technical visit “Exploring the More Recent Istanbul” was held under the leadership of Prof. Zeynep Kuban. A journey of discovery started in Istanbul thanks to the visit which was a really good final in terms of refreshing the academic knowledge and enhancing intellectual experience,


Many distinguished scientists with their papers participated in DLA 2016, where the workshops were opened with the speeches of Josef Strobl from Salzburg University, Prof. Dr. Stephen Ervin and Prof. Dr. Carl Steinitz from Harvard University, Prof. Dr. James Palmer from New York State University (SUNY), Prof. Dr. Sadık C. Artunç from Mississippi State University and Prof. Dr. Erich Buhmann from Anhalt University.


In the opening cocktail party held in Taşkışla Courtyard, while our conservatory students Şennur Dinleyen, Emre Merallı, Mehmet Dinleyen and Güneş Yakartepe offered the participants musical moments, also professional links were established among the participants with the conference and gala dinners.


We present our thanks to TEPTA Lightening Industry and Trade Inc, HUNTER Industries, Emirgan Sütiş, Istanbul Trees Inc. and DOPEM Natural Landscape Elements and Structural Design Research Center for their financial and moral contributions in the realization of the conference.