Oğuz Usman Receives Honourable Mention Award
Jun 20, 2016

Our Turkish Music Conservatory continues to bring together different cultures, sythesise various music styles and receives awards for the work performed. The latest news in this respect came from the 30th International Izmir Festival. A composition titled “Yakarış” (“Prayer”) composed for mezzo soprano and orchestra by ITU Turkish Music Coservatory Composition Department Research Assistant member Oğuz Usman received the third honourable mention award at the 9th Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı National Composition Contest.

oÄŸuz usman 1

The award was presented to Oğuz Usman at the awards ceremony held in the scope of the festival on 7 June, 2016. Mezzo soprano Başak Karataş performed the “Yakarış” composition with the lyrics by Yunus Emre and melody by Oğuz Usman.

The “Yakarış” composition, which was composed from the verses of two poems by Yunus Emre covering the subjects of death and longing for a union with God, is a work that presents tradition in modern interpretation. In the composition comprised of three parts (in the form of aba) the introduction and final parts frame the composition; while part A dwells upon religious mystic, the influence of Turkish Folk Music is reflected in part B. The composition gains a new dimension through the blend of the Classic Western Music concept with harmonic elements of the 20th century and jazz style.

oÄŸuz usman 2

Who is Oğuz Usman?

Composer Oğuz Usman was born in Yalova in 1983. He started his musical education by taking private lessons at the age of 11 and in 2003 he entered the Composition Department of University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Research Assistant at our university Usman, who is currently pursuing his doctoral degree studies, attended and performed at such international festivals as Wien Modern and Heidelberger Frühling held in Germany. In addition, Usman received an award of the Misnistry of Culture of Austria in 2007 and a state scholarship of Austria in 2010. Currently Oğuz Usman is working as a Research Assistant at the Composition Department of ITU TMSC.