Techonolgical Touch for the Underground: YER 2016
Jun 28, 2016

One of the most significant outcomes of the information age is constantly developing technologies which gain new areas of application. Accordingly, it finds more areas of application in mining and geology. It is obvious that we will be able to obtain more extensive knowledge if computers become widespread in each area of mining and some other areas of geology to explore the underground treasures.


“YER 2016 Symposium and Exhibition” was organized with this purpose in mind by the Dean’s Office of ITU Faculty of Mining at İhsan Ketin Conference Hall (on Ayazağa Campus) and its lounge on 15 June, 2016. In the scope of “Mining and Geology Computer Applications’ Symposium and Exhibition of Students’ Senior Design Projects” hosted by our university academicians working in the field delivered their presentations while students presented their projects.

The symposium, which was divided into two sessions, started with the introductory presentation demonstrating the faculty activity made by the Dean of the Faculty of Mines Prof. Dr. Fatma Arslan and was followed by the opening speech delivered by our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca.

maden mezunlar bulusma

The following studies rendering a perspective to broaden our horizons were presented during the first session presided by Prof. Dr. Yüksel Örgün Tutay: Mining Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Selamet Erçelebi and Dr. Murat Özkan “Computer Supported Design and Planning in Mining”, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Mustafa Onur “Computer Supported Simulation of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Geothermal Tanks Production Development Using Quantitative Methods”, Geological Engineering Department Assoc. Prof. Vural Yavuz and Research Assist. Gökhan Şans “Computer Supported Design and Methods of Analysis in Geology”, Geophysics Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Emin Demirbağ and Prof. Dr. İlyas Çağlar “Modeling and Testing of Seismic Reflection at Beypazari Trona Field” and finally Hacettepe University Mining Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Leven Ergün “Modeling-Simulation Practices in Mineral Processing Industry”.


During the second session presided by Prof. Dr. Gülay Bulut the floor was given to our students. The following students presented their senior design projects: Haydar Deniz Yıldırım from Mining Engineering Department, Merve Uygur from Geological Engineering Department, Pınar Gürün from Geophysical Engineering Department, Zinyat Agarzayeva and Enes Karaçalı from Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department and Esra Tanısalı from Mineral Processing Engineering.

During the ceremony held at the end of the symposuim and exhibition the alumni of ITU Faculty of Mines who graduated 20 and 30 years ago received special plaques. YER 2016 program was finalized with the dinner served for our former and present alumni.