ITU Food Engineering Department with its Research Takes Part in a Documentary About Pulses
Jun 29, 2016

Do you think you know everything about pulses which add special taste to various dishes? You will have to reconsider your opinion after a documentary featuring the academicians from our Food Engineering Department.

The documentary, which features Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacıoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Esra Çapanoğlu Güven and Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilara Nilüfer Erdil from Food Engineering Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Faculty sharing their firsthand experience on the results of the significant experiments conducted on pulses in our laboratory, emphasizes “2016 International Year of Pulses” declared by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with a slogan “Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future”.

Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacıoğlu, an academic member of Food Engineering Department, explains that the major purpose of the documentary is to promote the consumption of highly nutritious pulses by consumers and food industry and thus raise people’s awareness in this issue with ITU making its contribution to the subject. Assoc. Prof. Esra Çapanoğlu Güven mentions the studies conducted to demonstrate how more frequent consumption of pulses decreases risks of snaks. Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilara Nilüfer Erdil, our another academician who also took part in the research, spoke about the positive results obtained at our laboratory during the experiments on shelf life, quality, physical and chemical properties of bakery products containing pulses instead of wheat flour.

bakliyat ile sağlıklı beslenme

The Food of Today and Tomorrow: Pulses

The documentary titled “Healthy Diet and Healthy Life with Pulses”, which reveals many new facts about pulses by presenting to the viewers the results of the detailed research on this magnificent food originating in Anatolia with their history extending over to 7000 B.C. and at the same time draws our attention to its benefits for people’s health and new areas of application. The documentary takes the viewers to an exciting journey by explaining that pulses are in fact the dehydrated seeds of leguminous plants and, on the other hand, provides detailed information on pulses.

The study, which demonstrates the importance of this plant family stretching from green lentils to red lentils, from chickpeas to beans and green peas for people keeping to a diet by filling their stomachs, emphasizes such significant roles of high in protein and fiber pulses as keeping the blood sugar stable which lowers the risks of diabetes due to being gluten-free and low in fat, maintaining low cholesterol levels in our body due to their low fat content and almost zero calorie levels. In addition, it is claimed that pulses might decrease the risks of cancer.

Dragee Chickpeas, Dried Beans Revani…

In addition to these, the documentary provides examples of various foods prepared from pulses, which are being complied with the modern eating habits, yet more shows us that pulses can sometimes be used in desserts. We know for certain that you will not believe your eyes when you see dried beans revani, lentils cake, bread containing pulses and dragee chickpeas.

The documentary, which was filmed under the support of PAKDER (Agricultural Products Grains Pulses Processing and Packaging Association) and other various organizations and demonstrates the studies conducted by academic members from Food Engineering Department of our university, is also planned to be demonstrated at schools. Famous columnists, dieticians, athletes and chefs also took part in the “Healthy Diet, Healthy Life with Pulses” film. You can watch the documentary below.