Dr. Kerem Yavuz Arslanlı Elected New President at 23rd ERES International Conference
Jul 03, 2016

The 23rd ERES International Conference bringing together universities and various real estate organizations and associations was held this year between 5-8 June in Regenburg, Germany, under the support of International Real Estate Business School, University of Regensburg. Academicians and representatives of various leading associations in the sector participated in the conference with the purpose to determine a course of actions concerning the present and future of the real estate sector during this important annual summit.

This year in the scope of the conference, which united 556 participants from 51 countries with 270 presentations on 15 different subjects, various opinions about the current situation in the sector were discussed and academic studies in the field of real estate were approached from different aspects. The previous conference held last year was hosted by ITU Taşkışla Campus under the support of ITU Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center and ITU Real Estate Development Master’s Program.


As a result of the elections carried out in the scope of the event Kerem Yavuz Arslanlı, academic member of ITU Institute of Social Sciences, was elected as president of European Real Estate Society – ERES , one of the most respectful real estate organizations in Europe focusing on such issues as real estate financing, international real estate management and evaluation, urban transformation and housing and commercial real estate markets, thus making us feel very proud.


Arslanlı, who is currently employed at ITU Institute of Social Sciences, indicated that as a newly elected 2016-2017 term president of European Real Estate Society, one of the most significant academic associations in Europe in the real estate sector, he will make worthy contributions to our country and provide opportunities for new collaborations.

We congratulate Dr. Kerem Yavuz Arslanlı, who made us proud by being elected the President of ERES, and wish him continued success.