Campus Sparkling in the Dark: the Lights of Ayazağa
Jul 11, 2016

One of the most important points of the Green Campus Project, started in 2013 with the purpose to demonstrate a way to reconcile university life and natural environment, is to arrange proper lighting in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

selfis meydani

Due to the lighting system renovated in the scope of the Green Campus project run by the intensive collaboration of academic members of the Landscape Architecture Department (the Faculty of Architecture), our campus has gained a new spectacular view.


From the outset of the project the lighting fixture and general lighting design on Ayazağa campus have been implemented under the responsibility of Landscape Architecture academic member Assoc. Prof. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin.

bisiklet yolu

New lighting units installed on Ayazağa campus were included into PLD magazine in Turkey, an edition devoted to architectural lighting systems. Numerous pictures of the night view of our newly designed lighting system were presented under the article title “The Best Lighting is on ITU Campus” in the 60th issue of the magazine gaining appreciation of many readers.

orman yolu

ITU Ayazağa Campus pleases the eye of our teachers, students and visitors with its evergreen landscape and natural surroundings in the daytime and draws everyone’s attention at night with its stunning view of sparkling lights in the darkness.

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