New Generation Laboratories at Faculty of Mechanics
Jul 11, 2016

Our university, which is getting closer to the “Third Generation University” title day by day, will advance at full speed in academic research due to the new generation laboratories opening at Faculty of Mechanics.

itu_makina fakultesi

Our university will gain a brand new place intended for modern academic research thanks to the donation of Dr. Keskin Keser and the decision of the university council to open “ITU Faculty of Mechanics Dr. Keskin Keser Laboratories for Education and Research”. Due to the 2-floor laboratories with various research units including conference halls and classrooms occupying an area of 1500 m², the Faculty of Mechanics will provide its students with interactive and effective working environment. In addition, the new laboratories will be equipped with:

- Smart materials
- Biosensor
- Micro and nano fluids
- Hydolic equipment
- Biomaterials
- Fotovoltaic

Thus, they will make a significant contribution to academic research.

We hope the new laboratories, which are to be completed very soon, will be beneficial for the academicians and students of the Faculty of Mechanics and our university on the whole.