Our Students Enjoyed The Graduation Ceremony
Jul 15, 2016

After all hard work, sleepless nights and fun with friends the big day has come. At least four years of studying, which seemed to be never ending at the outset but in fact it is one of the most memorable periods in one’s life, have come to its end for 2235 students.


Thousands of students gathered at ITU Stadium on the 14th of July for 2015-2016 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony received their diplomas. On this important and full of emotions day our graduates were supported by their teachers and family members. Graduates from 56 departments lived the pride of receiving their degrees.


Students came to listen to “The concert of one of ITU members”

The graduation ceremony started with a dynamic and lively concert by a student of Turkish Music State Conservatory Simge Sağın, who has recently become one of the prominent names in pop music. Simge, one of the beloved singers in Turkish music, while commenting on the concert at her own university said “I’m very happy to give a concert at home”. The ceremony continued with the comedy performance by our academic member Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Altıok and an actor Ziya Kürküt.


Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and Turkish Airlines General Manager Assoc. Prof. Temel Kotil, 1983 graduate of ITU Aeronautical Engineering taking Turkish Airlines to the top, attended the ceremony as speakers. In his speech our Rector highlighted that numerous ITU alumni have been successfully representing our university in various fields. He also compared the Technical University to a 243-year old plane tree in the shadows of which many new generations will be raised.


Turkish Airlines General Manager Assoc. Prof. Temel Kotil in his speech recommended our graduates to work hard and be innovative as they enter a new stage in their lives. Immediately after his speech Kotil presented round-trip tickets to Europe to the first three distinguished ITU graduates.


It was their day: Graduation Ceremony

Following the speech by Mert Gilan, ITU Civil Engineering Department graduate with the highest honors, who spoke on behalf of all the graduates, the Technical University 243 year’s alumni were invited to the stage.


“Our alumni, who from now on will carry being ITU members in their career, took their Alumni Oath and lived the exciting moment of throwing hats into the air. They turned a new page in the great record of 243 years full of success by writing their names in history. The ceremony continued with the fireworks and was dominated by a colorful atmosphere. After this spectacular show the ITU graduates had a chance to enjoy the music played by a DJ.

“Will you marry me?”

The guests of the ceremony witnessed one more unforgettable moment. Gencay Ceyhan, this year’s graduate of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, made a surprise for his girlfriend Burcu Dursun. Burcu, who was amazed to see Gencay’s friends coming down from the stands and presenting her white roses, could not even imagine what awaits her. Gencay got down on one knee and asked Burcu “Will you say “Whoa!” to sharing bills with me?” making his proposal very originally, and Burcu, who couldn’t hide her emotions, accepted the proposal.


We congratulate our alumni who successfully received their degrees and believe that afterwards they will represent not only our university but also our country in the best possible way. We wish happiness to Gencay and Burcu who made such an important decision on that big day.