PARS Rocket Team Keeps Going with the Speed of Light
Jul 15, 2016

Another piece of good news came from our PARS Rocket Team, which works on the design and production of rocket systems and sub-systems to be utilized for various missions in order to draw attention to the field of rocketry in our country.

The team consisting of the members from our Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty participated in the 11th IREC-Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, which was held in Utah (the USA) between 15-18 June, and took the 6th place outperforming the five world-famous universities. If the result is regarded on the inter-state level, our success at this international competition led Turkey to the second place.

pars roket takimi

Rocketry International Platform: IREC

Our team participated in the BASIC category of the competition which presupposed launching a rocket carrying no less than 10 pound of payload (approximately 4,5 kg) to a target apogee of 10,000 feet (approximately 3 km).

pars roket takimi-1

Our PARS Rocket Team successfully launched the rocket exceeding the category limit and carrying the payload to the target apogee of approximately 3.43 kilometers (11252 feet). Right after the safe launch all components were taken down by the parachutes and safely recovered.

Various factors including year-round reports, presentations delivered, launch and recovery systems were taken into consideration while evaluating the teams. In the end our team took the 6th place by receiving 1107 points from the jury.

pars roket takimi-2

We congratulate our PARS Rocket Team, which has already started preparation for the IREC 2017 competition to be held next year, and wish them continued success.