Students’ Choice is ITU
Jul 25, 2016

ITU Info and Preference Days bringing together our candidate students, whose choice will determine their direction in the future, and their families with our university as usual attracted a lot of attention. The event starting on the 20th of July ended on the 23rd of July.


The event, which provided the information about our educational system, social activities, accomodation and scholarship opportunities as well as our departments and student clubs, was held at Ayazaga Campus. During the event organized to familiarize our candidate students and their families with the Technical University our academic staff members and other team members shared detailed information with the visitors.


To support the warm atmosphere our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca aslo answered the questions of the candidates by joining the event, which provided the detailed infromation about the latest projects implemeted by our university and plans for the future. At the information desks of the university faculties and student clubs the candidates learned about the priviliges of being an ITU member.


ITU Info and Preference Days will welcome our candidates again next year continuing to meet with the new members of ITU Family. We would like to thank all the visitors attending the event this year and wish to meet the candidates again in August during the registration period.