Guide for New Ideas: ITU Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Jul 29, 2016

Technical University with its extensive knowledge welcomes every new idea containing a practical perspective and improving life conditions due to its entrepreneurship ecosystem with a wide range of applications. ITU entrepreneurship ecosystem includes 5 main programs: ITU Ginova, ITU ARI Teknokent, ITU Çekirdek, ITU NOVA TTO and ITU Gate.

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Factory of Ideas for Young Minds: ITU Ginova

ITU GINOVA, established to make our university a center of “R&D and entrepreneurship” and diffuse entrepreneurship culture among our students, might be regarded as a preparatory year for young minds generating brilliant ideas. ITU Ginova, which is the first step in the ITU entrepreneurship ecosystem, has become a beneficial place for both students and academicians due to the seminars and workshops it organizes. Last year the center provided more than 100 hours of counseling services which help to transfer the entrepreneurship potential of the young minds into a business venture.

Center of Technology and Entrepreneurship: ITU ARI Teknokent 

In ITU ARI Teknokent one of the best and effective examples of cooperation between a university and industry in Turkey, the academic world interacts with the business world. Due to the cooperation with different companies in ITU ARI Teknokent, which hosts 160 businesses on the area exceeding 100 thousand square meters, providing our students not only internship but also real job opportunities. ITU ARI Teknokent is the meeting point of ITU members with entrepreneurial spirit! Follow this link to learn more about ITU ARI Teknokent.

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Incubation center for new projects: ITU Çekirdek

ITU Çekirdek, the incubation center within the scope of ITU ARI Teknokent, is waiting for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas which can be commercialized. ITU Çekirdek pre-incubation center BIG-BANG and incubation stages within it provide an environment which determines the route of an entrepreneur constituting an important part of Technical University’s entrepreneurship system as a starting point of new projects. Find more information about ITU Çekirdek here.

Place where knowledge is turned into profit: ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office

As a university generating knowledge we also contribute to its marketing and producing new values for the society. ITUNOVA TTO, which serves as the interface of technology transfer, is aimed at bringing together science and industry.
The office, established under the partnership of ITU Foundation and ITU ARI Teknokent, aims to increase the knowledge generation in scientific and technological sense, present new technologies to the production process due to the cooperation between the university and industry and provide funding for these types of research. ITUNOVA TTO fulfills an important duty building a bridge between the academic world and industry for the entrepreneurs transforming knowledge into production process.

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The door leading brands to the USA: ITU Gate

ITU Gate Start-Up Challenge Program launched in 2015 with the purpose to support newly established companies with corporate identity on their way to the global market, has promoted 26 domestic technological companies to the American market. Along with counseling and mentorship services provided at the training camp ITU also provides support related to partnership agreements, foreign investment and negotiations with clients. Due to ITU Gate the brands get a chance to establish business connections with the market of the USA, one of the most influential technology markets globally. Click here to learn more about ITU Gate.