International Award Received by our Landscape Architecture Students
Jul 29, 2016

Once again we take pride in our team comprized of the Landscape Architecture Department students who were granted People Choice Award at the Student and Young Professional Competition held by the IFLA - International Federation of Landscape Architects with their project called “Alight Stop”.

Alight Stop-1

Istanbul as one of the most developed and crowded cities in our country is an important area for numerous bird species. However, the species facing the danger of extinction and the birds with their migratory route running through the Bosphorus attract the most careful attention.

Alight Stop-2

The Alight Stop project worked out by the students of the Landscape Architecture Department takes this problem into account. The project deals with Haydarpasa Pier which has become a popular place among different bird species.
Located far from the coast this small piece of land has been providing a safe breeding ground for migrating birds and species under the threat of extinction; however, the recent usage of the pier for advertising has recently become a major source of disturbance for many bird species, black cormorants, in the first place, laying their eggs on the pier.

Alight Stop-3

In accordance with the Alight Istanbul Project the pier will be transformed into an island without any risks for birds. Our team has also consulted a group of biologists to solve the problem of Haydarpasa pier. The main objective to be reached at the end of the project is to render the pier its former functions as a place of breeding, rest and feeding for seagulls and migrating birds coming here from time to time.