İTÜ BeEngine Team Came in Second at AIAA Design Competition
Aug 10, 2016

Barely missing the first place, ITU BeEngine Team has came in second at “Team Engine Design Competition” jointly organised by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration (ABPSI) Technical Committee, High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion (HSABP) Technical Committee and Gas Turbine Engines (GTE) Technical Committee.

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ITU was represented in the competition by Olcay Sarı and Orçun Bulat from ITU BeEngine team, which is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Onur Tunçer of Aeronautical Engineering Department. The report submitted by our team was selected from among tens of technical reports from all over the world, making our team one among the three finalists to be invited to the 52. Joint Propulsion Conference in Salt Lake City, US. Our team presented their design to the jury members of this reputable congress and ranked as the second.

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The topic of this year’s conference, annually organised in the US, was designing an alternative engine for the T-38 supersonic jet trainer, which is used by many countries, including Turkey, primarily for air force pilot training and organisations such as NASA for astronaut training. For the competition, a conceptual design was developed for a turbofan engine with an afterburner (a system that generates thrust in jet engines by injecting additional fuel into the jet pipe downstream, thereby burning the unburned exhaust gases) with improved capability and fuel burn.

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We sincerely congratulate our professor and students who represented ITU and Turkey in an international platform and wish them a bright academic future.