ITU Foundation Journal: Issue 73 Released
Aug 10, 2016

Cover story of 73rd issue of ITU Foundation Journal: “Science, Technology, and Society”

73rd issue’s featured topic presents the views of experts from ITU and other higher education institutions based both in Turkey and abroad, seeking answers to crucial questions such as “How is Turkey’s science and technology journey progressing?”, “Do we have a comprehensive science policy and what are the repercussions of having or lacking it on the society?”, “To what extent are we committed to science as a national development strategy?”, and “Do the country’s production and investment rely on science and technology?”

The featured topic of the July-September 2016 issue entitled “Science, Technology, and Society” features articles by numerous scholars who shed light on the theme: our rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Prof. Teoman Pamukçu, Prof. Erkan Erdil, Prof. Aydan Turanlı, Orhan Bursalı, Kenan Çolpan, Dr. Ercan Çitil, Dr. Ulaş Çamsarı, Prof. Mete Tapan, Assist. Prof. Aslı Çalkıvik, Assist. Prof. Giovanni F. Mion, Assoc. Prof. Ebru Yetişkin, and Assoc. Prof. Yüksel Demir. Moreover, the issue extensively features Prof. Aziz Sancar, Nobel Prize Laureate and pride of Turkey who rejoiced at his success.

Some of the highlights of the issue are Prof. Dr. Güngör Evren's article on railway transportation, Assoc. Prof. Nurgül Balcı’s scientific research entitled “Frontiers of Life: From The Lake District to Mars”, which presents significant findings based on a comparative analysis, and Lecturer Metin Tükenmez’s article where he discusses the importance of hard work in sports by giving examples from the lives of great athletes. The issue also includes news from ITU, ITU ARI Techno-park, and ITU Foundation.
We believe that every ITU member has things to write and share with our audience. We expect the contributions of all ITU members to the issue 74 of the ITU Foundation Journal whose 73rd issue features noteworthy topics.

To access the Issue 73 of ITU Foundation Journal, please click here.