Leaders of Future in Air Transporting Have Graduated
Aug 12, 2016

“Air Transporting Management MA Program” that is jointly run by our university, Boeing and Turkish Airlines continues to educate the future leaders of air transporting sector. The program graduated new students and give their diplomas at graduation ceremony that took place 12th August.

26 manager candidates who successfully completed ITU Air Transport Management MS Program, graduated with a ceremony organised at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center, in Ayazaga Campus. Beside the graduates, their families and ITU academicians; our Vice-rector and founder coordinator of the program Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özkol, Managing Director and Country Executive of Boeing Turkey Ayşem Sargın Işıl and Training Chairman of Turkish Airlines Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal Yüksek also attended to the ceremony.

Our Vice-Rector and the founding coordinator of the program, Prof. İbrahim Özkol, delievered the commencement address, emphasizing that Air Transport Management MS Program provided the future leaders, who will advance Turkey’s position in air transport sector, with an academic background shaped by ITU’s academic perfection, Boeing’s Industrial expertise, and Turkish Airlines’ leadership. Özkol stated that the two-year program endowed the graduates with the required competence to serve as managers in Turkey’s rapidly-developing air transport and space industries. He underlined that among the crucial elements constitutive of the success of the program, the first and the only one in the field, were ITU’s scientific infrastructure, international networks, and academic staff with a background of world’s top universities. Prof. Özkol explained that their chief objective was to establish “Center for Aviation Excellence” at ITU, which proved itself to be a leading actor in aviation sector as it had had in many other realms and expressed his thanks to all the constituents of the program. He concluded his speech by congratulating the 26 graduates and wishing them a lifetime success.

Ayşem Sargın Işıl, Managing Director and Country Executive of Boeing Turkey, also addressed the participants in the commencement, stating that she was proud to have built such cooperation with ITU and that the cooperation between the two institutions was not limited to the program. Sargın-Işıl also expressed her belief that the graduates of the program would significantly contribute to both the air transport sector in Turkey and Turkish economy at large and that the excitement emanating from the graduates gave clear signs of it.

Assoc. Prof. Kemal Yüksek, Training Director of Turkish Airlines, emphasized in his speech the program being unique in the field and its quality in terms of instruction and instructors. Mentioning that he was an ITU graduate as well, Yüksek stated that a key attribute valued by most ITU graduates was productivity and that the graduates of Air Transport Management MS Program were also expected to contribute to science and technology through their productivity.

Tahir Gürdil and Ahmet Gayretli, who graduated simultaneously with the highest GPA, shared the title of highest ranking student. Tahir Gürdil, as the valedictorian, emphasized ITU’s support for the program and continued, “Along with the eager attention paid by Aviation Academy, Boeing, and ITU and the enthusiasm of the international teaching staff, the role of being able to access a wide variety of documents through the school database has been crucial. I would like to express my sincere thanks to our families, spouses, and everyone who supported us throughout the program.”

After Prof. Ibrahim Özkol gave our guests plaques in memory of the commencement, excitement of the graduation culminated with the graduates throwing their caps in air.