Assist. Prof. Hamza Salih Erden Receives Two Awards
Aug 17, 2016

Assist. Prof. Hamza Salih Erden of Applied Informatics Program at the Institute of Informatics has received the “2015 Technical Paper Award” and “2015 Willis H. Carrier Award” granted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

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Dr. Erden has been granted these two international awards for his research on the approximation of air flow and thermal behavior during unexpected events in data center facilities such as cooling equipment failure or unsteady heat balance and his simulation of thermal mass based on this approximation. Erden’s technical paper focuses on servers, which are one of the most crucial, albeit the most challenging to model, thermal mass in a data center. Also, the paper includes a description of the previous work by experts from the industry and higher education institutions who review the latest developments about thermal modeling of servers and Erden’s discussion of the hypotheses of these experts on the standard compact server model. Another contribution of the paper is that it discusses the simple correlation between server characteristics and mass and volume.

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Relying on the measurements carried out in two independent laboratories, Dr. Erden’s paper specifies the characteristics of sample servers and, drawing on these characteristics, discusses the estimation accuracy of server exit temperature. We congratulate Assist. Prof. Hamza Salih Erden, and we would like to express that we are proud of having him at our institution.

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About Assist. Prof. Hamza Salih Erden

Assist. Prof. Hamza Salih Erden is a scholar at the Informatics Program, Institute of Informatics, ITU. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Erden designs applied research and course syllabus for various courses. Curretly, Dr. Erden is working on “Thermodynamic modelling of conventional and new-generation cooling and power system infrastructure in data centers” and “Development of faster thermal models for thermal managament of data centers.” In addition to research activities, Dr. Erden designed four courses in order to support the course “Thermal Systems in Cloud Infrastructure”, which is an MSc course in the Institute of informatics. Course syllabi prepared by Dr. Erden aim to provide the students with basic knowledge of mechnical infrastructure of data centers, ICT equipment, and cooling and air-conditioning of data centers.