We are Building the Future with Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Aug 25, 2016

Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, announced at a press conference in TÜBITAK the 2016 rankings for the Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities Index, which was produced by TÜBITAK. ITÜ has been ranked fourth in the index that lists universities depending on their projects in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, their achievements, and their contribution to the scientific development of the country. Among the top five in the index Sabancı University came first; Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) ranked second; Bilkent University ranked third, and Boğaziçi University was listed fifth.


As a research university and a technical university with an established history and reputation for academic quality, we are proud of being one of the top-ranking and leading universities of Turkey in terms of contribution to technological development and innovation. This success can be considered as an outcome of the transformation ITU has undergone in line with the “3rd generation University” and “Industry 4.0” goals that our Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca has long emphasized for the future of ITU. We congratulate all our faculty and students to whom we owe this success. For detailed information regarding the TÜBITAK 2016 Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities Index, please visit the link.